13 Halloweens




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released March 2, 2005


tags: rock dark Phoenix


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CALABRESE Phoenix, Arizona

Steeped in a hard rock swing, brash punk energy, metallic bombast, and a healthy helping of death rock, CALABRESE established a diehard following and garnered immense critical praise outside of the traditional system, emerging as underground luminaries from their native Phoenix, AZ. ... more


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Track Name: Zombie I
When I am here I’m here with you
Bit off more than I could chew
I love your stare please stare at me
When I breathe blood and eternal sleep
We belong dead

Zombie I
Girl, please run away

As we run into the house
The wall of dead surrounds
Tentacles of decay flesh
Tear and pull us down
Doors and windows boarded shut
But the pressure was too much
And the girl she gave it up
Track Name: Resurrection
Back in black it’s a heart attack
Devil in the mirror staring back
Nothing pure can come from it
We will pull you from your grave
Resurrection, in our name


Watch the white flesh behind the night
Slowly stitched together, make it right
When you’re raised up into the sky
In our arms tonight we’re alive
Track Name: Death of Me
My sewn up lips
By your black fingertips
Cold entwined and evermore
Openings and closings
Something you can’t ever find
Vivid pumpkins grin in nines
It’s only imagination, baby

You are the death
You are the death of me
In everything you do
We are but one burning fun
Falling endlessly in hell
It was our choice for all eternity
Closing your eyes while driving along
Crashing into murder walls
Rebel angels and the victims of our youth
Track Name: One of Us
Try to be yourself
You’re one of us

Everything you said was all wrong
Who you thought you were you’re not strong
I taught you to be a coward
I taught you dysfunctional

Only I say only goes
Don’t you try and disagree
Pull the wings off little souls
Only I say only goes
Track Name: Midnight Spookshow
Spirits returns with laughs and chills
Living zombies and graveyard thrills
Smell and feel your flesh sizzle and sputter
When being burned alive

Whoa-whoa-whoa, midnight spookshow

Horror strikes at midnight tonight
Living mummy’s terror of the tomb
Weird woman unearthly creature
Face to face with the spirit world
Track Name: Backseat of my Hearse
Leather pressed I envy how you scream
Into your hands claw me
Hypnotic hybrid dreams
The howls, they’re only gonna be sung
Night seeps into light
I am not allowed to bite
I can only wish for it
I can only wait for the moment of…

In the backseat of my hearse
We quit our talking
The moon reveals its curse

Like a horror movie on a Friday night
You are not happy with your life
Why do you act like everybody?
Music in my blood it’s a sinister beat
Demonic deeds and graveyard treats
See you from the stage and we must know
Can we drink your blood after the show?
Track Name: Eyes Down
Eyes down, eyes stare
Watch your footsteps
Watch your back

Bloodless lips they watch the sky as it unfolds
Creep alone with us tonight
Catch a glimpse and leave it all behind
Cant ever understand, wont ever understand

A dark cloud hangs over you
You seem to call it there
You only talk to ghosts
When the living do not care
It’s midnight and your haunted
A black cat in your path
Anything can happen and it probably has
Track Name: Shrunken Head Kids
You always go out into the night
When you come home you come home to a fight
The things that you do make them so confused
The things that you do make them so confused

Shrunken head kids

We run the night you better watch the black
Switchblade pulled baby into your back
We never go out we never stay in
We find ourselves attracted to sin
Let’s go!

Shrunken head kids
Track Name: Evening
Ten twenty eight two thousand and one
The moon rose in the night
Shadows parted to shine down
Upon this little girl

Evening was born

Jack-O-lanterns in a row
The corn reaped in the fields
A spirit entered into life
A change upon this world

Open up your coffin
And let us in
Track Name: Blood In my Eyes
Glass Shattering
Fires burning
Lovers are now dead and suffering
I was born in this hell blazen earth
I am in need of revenge

Blood in my eyes blood in my hair
With my mind and with my stare
I will make you all disappear

You wanted control
I wanted it more
You better run for cover
Before it happens
Before I wipe that smile away

They’re all gonna laugh at me
Track Name: Every Day's a Funeral
Every days a funeral
When I’m with you

Remember when we tried to kill your brother?
He survived and we never got in trouble
Then we stole your dad’s cigars
Removed stop signs and listened for the cars

Follow me through the twists and turns of our cemetery
Never lose sight of the blue light
Dance in the evening
Track Name: Crizila
Powered by Chrysler big block
400 hundred cubes
The biggest damn sedan to ever
Come off the assembly
Bumper from an eighteen wheeler
A highway robber’s dream
Highway road hog
Highway robber


With a twenty-five and a half
Gallon fuel tank
That can drain your wallet faster
Than any woman can
With a trunk big enough
To fit three bodies in
Highway road hog
Highway Robber
Track Name: Phantasmagoria
The croon starts at midnight to six
Pirate radio in the abyss
Open the door and listen
Listen so close so closely
Incantations of our own

The dead shall walk the earth

Dead friends and divorced parents
These are the reasons why I hate my life
Darkness embraces
Through the Ouija Board you said to me
You were family
So I slit my wrists to follow you