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released July 1, 2012


tags: rock dark Phoenix


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CALABRESE Phoenix, Arizona

Steeped in a hard rock swing, brash punk energy, metallic bombast, and a healthy helping of death rock, CALABRESE established a diehard following and garnered immense critical praise outside of the traditional system, emerging as underground luminaries from their native Phoenix, AZ. ... more


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Track Name: The Dead Don't Rise
Well, I’ll you something ’bout our world
There’s no one out to comfort your wounds
Rotten bodies litter the ground
Whoa, will they stand on their own
Or stay cold?

Well, I’ve been to Hell, and I’ve seen the eyes
Void of life and death, but the dead don’t rise
Your prayers don’t count when you’re underground
‘Cause the dead don’t rise, dead don’t rise

Unconscious from your television
Trapped in a world never to live in
Dying planet above, black hole pulls in the sun
Base of the pyramid lay corpses of living beings
Such things

Don’t tell me all your excuses and lies
I know, it’s the devil inside
So alive
Track Name: Coffin of Ruins
Thrust into black, whirling deep locomotion
Crushed under stone and rubble demolition
Raw nerves collide under dark premonitions
Home is a tomb of black smoke burning coffins, yeah

And I’m feeling today
So lost and strange
The fields of death are along the way
And I know that the dead
Are all I have
Wrapped in dirt, under the ground, under this Earth

You will find the casket empty after midnight
A madman at your door in the morning of tomorrow
The shadows speak, the candles wave when no one’s there
My murdered life, the ravens fly, and I am alone and nobody cares

Fear in his heart that drove the madness
Putrid decay, grinning maggots
Life that fades away from twisted bodies
A corpse of blue ooze from the coffin
Track Name: Heart Possession
To rise from my own death
I was betrayed by your curse
Look what you’ve done to me
“Wait,” she said, “I’ll be right back”
When the hunger grows deep in your chest
She’ll show me how to feed

Take my hand, feel in your heart
All I demand, your life is marked
Vultures perched on burnt out buildings
The only life I know is changing
Forever changing

Inside the heart of a man is
Dark blood, pure and rich and full
You’ll feel what I feel
Awful, violent burning
Heart stopping, it’s the only way
Hard motion, blue murder
Track Name: Ghostwolves
Yeah, in the water
There’s a body
A cold mass of white and red
There’s a man with a cross
And he’s beggin’ for his life

Stench of death on the rise
Empty thoughts in your mind
Bones picked eaten so clean
A mouth full of shark teeth
Ghosts from the beyond
Tales of ancient grounds
Rob the one’s that don’t breathe
Never heard, never seen

The frantic heart of a guilty man
A church on fire in a foreign land
I know it was not me
They can search what they’ll never find inside
Track Name: The Man Who Lived Twice
If you wanna see the afterworld
To seal your doom, mortal decay
No drug on Earth will take you there
No drug on Earth will bring you back

Well, I don’t believe in death, only the cold
Flashing in the night, burning in my lungs
And the motions of your end sway back and forth
You feel it from beyond, you feel it on your own

The weakness, it will never stop; I need you now
Hey, little girl, do you feel alive?
No one can hide when I feel the urge
Do you feel the urge?

Stitched fingers
Throat screaming
Hysterical horror scene
Disfigured, hot murder
Blood curdling screams
Track Name: She Hasn't Been Herself in Years
I’ve seen the one the Devil brings
Now we fear the wolves at night
Possession of a little girl
The father and the son

She hasn’t been herself in years

I fear the one that burns too bright
And I’m not invisible
To the evil wonder darkness
To the evil of her

Toss the bodies on the pile
Parasite in the heart
Black market, ancient coffins
Empty houses

There ain’t no sign
For the blackened death she’ll bring to you
All in time
Choke away the flames inside
Like a winter’s cold
Darkened ash and white as bone
Try to take back her soul
Track Name: Darkhold
Can you feel it?
In the dark
Staring at you
From the foot of your bed, getting in your head
When they see you
In your life
They just know that they will never be like you

My blood is cold, I’ll make you hurt
Strangled by the unknown
Why do I remain?
‘Cause if you want it, you gotta take it
Forever feel the pain

Force in
Into me
The pulsating panic heat
I am a vessel as my limbs go numb
As around me, the flesh dissolves
And pulls you toward the end of time
Track Name: Red Slash
Look in my eyes
Let’s sing along
This is the last time we belong
Don’t turn your back, don’t walk away
The criminal is insane

In the middle of the night, wandering hands
Red slash come alive
Just to taste it
In a dark red room, all through and through
Dead steel terrorize
In your body and your mind
Yeah, in the darkness
Oh, you will find me
Alone, alone

As the blood runs down your face
A doorway into pain
Dirty rats on
The wall of death
Hell surrounds you
In nightmares

Well, I’m feeling fine
Ringleader of dark hours,
And your lonely life going down
And you know you are so sweet
To the terrors of the street
There’s nowhere to go
There’s nowhere to go
Track Name: Hungry are the Dogs
Bullet holes in the theater wall
Burning ashen silhouette
Not infected but overwhelmed
Wild eyes of the criminal
And the spot light on an empty stage
All of life is but a grave
And you know it when you live this long
The ones you love will always turn to dust

Black and blue inside
Not of our world, not of this life
Broken bones and bleedin’ heavily
Behind the lines I’m not
Worth the time it takes to stop
The hungry dogs that want me

All the weapons you can use to squeeze
Information will be obsolete
And there’s nothing you can do to me
That’ll make me talk and will make me scream
Total brainwashed
With a baseball bat
Scrambled guts and dead sunken skulls
The whole world, crashing down
You’re a ghost of what you used to be

I know it’s not the end
An escape route to revenge
You better pray before sundown
I’m gonna cut, cut, cut, cut you down
There’s no return for your kind
Just daggers, violence, and crime
Track Name: History of Nothing
Stranger with no face
The prey looms near, you don’t recognize
I’m anonymous
As I wait and wait and wait for you
To come close

I am the one pressing in the shadows
In alleyways
The history of nothing
I only know the roads to assassinate
Killing like the gallows
I am no man.

Eyes bulging
Of puppets strangled by their strings
You’re a pawn, a domino
To be knocked down just like those who’ve come before
You know you will

Autopsy scar of a Hollywood death
Machines of crime at the jugular vein
Las Vegas loser, highway blood
With no easy way out
Hell is coming down
Track Name: Bring Us Hell
We are the resistance from the future persistence
As they roll doomsday machine
We don’t need a master, cybernetic disaster
I won’t kneel to lesser men

Well, I know my time is gone
Life around me as evolved
Into the ground, into the waste
So I’ll take all I can take
Pulling you all down to the grave
Bring us hell
Bring us the hate

And I feel the power of the beating sounds of
A grey and dreamless world
And the fires below, yeah
They wanna show me all our burnt and evil fate

Frozen like a prisoner born of black ice
Waiting for to sound the drums of war
Thick layer of human flesh stretched over living machine
Don’t pretend to be so clean
Warheads strike with no warning
Anti-gravity revenge
Extermination human race
Full spectrum dominance
Track Name: Damned to the Night
On my blackened soul
I see eyes of gold
Everybody knows
Everybody knows my lies

In the dark there is no other
It’s just the cold that’s in my blood
Buried alive in wilderness
And I’m born animal

In the dark below
I will see the end
Burning all alone
Burning all alone
My love

Damned to the night
Track Name: Sea of Dirt
Well, I know my way around
Desert sun and the borderlands
Born in dirt to grow alone
Die in dirt
It’s the way it goes
Empty ships lay on their side
The road warrior’s paradise
And I act like I don’t care
‘Cause it’s true, baby
I don’t care

The end is near tonight
The sun will never rise
In a perfect world
There would be no love
Nothing left
Just me

Till the ends of time
The shadows on the hill
I remember everything
I will break your heart when you see who I am
Hang your head and wallow in the pain