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released January 11, 2007


tags: rock dark Phoenix


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CALABRESE Phoenix, Arizona

Steeped in a hard rock swing, brash punk energy, metallic bombast, and a healthy helping of death rock, CALABRESE established a diehard following and garnered immense critical praise outside of the traditional system, emerging as underground luminaries from their native Phoenix, AZ. ... more


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Track Name: Death Eternal
You say to me
What you wanna hear
No one listens, no one cares
Why be something
Something that you’re not
We don’t wanna be like you

Death eternal

In her deep red sleep
She waits for me
Eyes like death eternally
Know the wrists will flood
Two hearts in hell
When we bathe in virgin blood
Track Name: Voices of the Dead
Sleep will come when I say
I know that the twilight
Is the one, the hand of death
A five-pointed star
So dark and bright now
The teeth in our mouths
Covered in her blood

When you know you have no friends
You listen to the dead
They tell us where to go
Back into the world where no one knows you’re alive
You’ll find we are there

We have opened doorways
That we could never close
Walked a path that no one had warned me
Incantations of the unknown
We are victims when we are alone
Track Name: Vampires Don't Exist
Standing in the darkness
Smoking cigarettes
Looking through your window
Waiting and watching
When I woke up from the death
I was stuck six feet under the earth in a casket

Remember this
That vampires don’t exist
It was only a kiss
It was only a kiss

When they come before you
When you’re fast asleep
We guarantee you that it’s only
And just a dream
You will know
When your heart’s in your throat
You will choke
It’s not real
Track Name: Inside This Coffin
Your parents hate us now
And we don’t really care
We still leave the house when midnight calls
They’ll never understand
The power that we hold
Spirits in our stereo

Inside this coffin
Inside this coffin
Made for two
Inside this coffin
I will be waiting here for you

We’re eternally damned
And that’s the way it’ll be
Our lungs pull with each and every breath
It’s the fashion of death
Where ghosts play their bets
Each night is different
Track Name: Night In The Lonesome October
We are the ones that’ll take you down
All dressed to fight
Go to hell for what is ours
(I want you)
Do you wanna die tonight?
Baby, I’ll show you what it’s like
To cheat out death

Like a bat in flight
Morals gone to hell
We’re already dead
Hypno-eyes will turn
Virgin minds will burn
Taste our blood tonight

She’s only nineteen
And she’s a horror queen
Not the kind of girl you bring home to mother
She’ll rip your heart
Just like the others
Just like the others
Track Name: Come Alive
No one wants you
No one cares
Living in the shadows of the beautiful world
Try to speak up
Try to be
What they think is real
Is on the television

Monster, monster
Come alive
Open your angers and come alive
Monster, monster
Come alive
I said come alive

Come walk with me
They will never know
Come be with me
Let your anger grow
Come walk with me
And let the blood flow
Track Name: Children Of The Night
Dye your hair black and wear it in your face
Crawl onto a headstone
And lie inside the grave
Skip into the cemetery
Let the morning come
We don’t mind
We don’t care
The time has begun

Children of the night

Why go home?
You’re not wanted there
Stay with us tonight
Smoke your cigarettes and
Talk about those things that scare you

We will feed all your fears
Track Name: Saturday Night Of The Living Dead
Black is back and love is dead
Nothing left and that’s okay
I know the world is a grave
Even in her own death
She still smokes her cigarettes
I know she can’t taste a thing

Saturday Night of the Living Dead
Our eyes roll back
Deep inside
We got a plan now for ya, baby
Your guts are what I’m craving
Saturday Night of the Living Dead

We get ourself tattooed
With images of death
You know the wicked never rest
We listen to the music
That no one seems to care
It’s our life and yes we dare
Track Name: The Young Princes Of Darkness
When you left
We needed you
You didn’t care you didn’t have to
Never saying goodbye
Oh, where did you go?
Oh, living a lie
Who am I?
Who am I?

Are you lonely?
Oh, can you feel the darkness?
Someone standing behind you
From the crystal ball
The future and the past

When you stay
You’ll feel complete
This is where you’re meant to be
You feel so cold
You feel Godless
This is where you belong
I am your prince of dark
I know you wear the mark
Yes, I control your mind
We are Dark Hell
Track Name: Darkness, Tell Us
We know all your dirty secrets
We have read your diary
Mom and daddy aren’t so happy
Oh, no
In this house you are afraid
In this house you are a slave
In your dreams you run away

Are you here with us tonight?
If you are give us a sign
Through the spirit board tonight
We will reach the other side

And when she takes a drink she’ll know
That there are no such thing as ghosts
And when she screams my name
She’ll swear that she was right
But she was all so wrong
Track Name: Your Ghost
She’s into the paranormal
Black cats
And the occult
Her parents put her in an institution
To control her mind
They never listened, they never cared
When they did, they got scared
I hope I will talk to her again
From the beyond

Every night, I lie and wait, to be taken away
Where your ghost is real
Every night, I lie and wait, to be taken away
Where your ghost is real

Down by her old house
She knows I’ve come for her
She’ll dream of nothing
When cold hands
Demand the words of love
Track Name: The House Of Mysterious Secrets
We know that you have secrets
Because we have them, too
If you tell us
Then we’ll tell you
Now that we know your weakness
We’ll pull you through the mud
We won’t kill you
We’ll just drink your blood

House of Mysterious Secrets
They hold
The lies they told her
All that she knows

The chase
It makes the blood taste sweeter
Like being drugged
And crawling on the floor
The halls of mirror will show
A scene of blood and murder
They only look at her
But she’s not there