Midnight Spookshow




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released September 22, 2003


tags: rock dark Phoenix


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CALABRESE Phoenix, Arizona

Steeped in a hard rock swing, brash punk energy, metallic bombast, and a healthy helping of death rock, CALABRESE established a diehard following and garnered immense critical praise outside of the traditional system, emerging as underground luminaries from their native Phoenix, AZ. ... more


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Track Name: Midnight Spookshow
Spirits returns with laughs and chills
Living zombies and graveyard thrills
Smell and feel your flesh sizzle and sputter
When being burned alive

Whoa-whoa-whoa, midnight spookshow

Horror strikes at midnight tonight
Living mummy’s terror of the tomb
Weird woman unearthly creature
Face to face with the spirit world
Track Name: Come Alive
No one wants you
No one cares
Living in the shadows of the beautiful world
Try to speak up
Try to be
What they think is real
Is on the television

Monster, monster
Come alive
Open your angers and come alive
Monster, monster
Come alive
I said come alive

Come walk with me
They will never know
Come be with me
Let your anger grow
Come walk with me
And let the blood flow
Track Name: Children of the Night
Dye your hair black and wear it in your face
Crawl onto a headstone
And lie inside the grave
Skip into the cemetery
Let the morning come
We don’t mind
We don’t care
The time has begun

Children of the Night

Why go home?
You’re not wanted there
Stay with us tonight
Smoke your cigarettes and
Talk about those things that scare you
We will feed all your fears
Track Name: Crizila
Powered by Chrysler big block
400 hundred cubes
The biggest damn sedan to ever
Come off the assembly
Bumper from an eighteen wheeler
A highway robber’s dream
Highway road hog
Highway robber


With a twenty-five and a half
Gallon fuel tank
That can drain your wallet faster
Than any woman can
With a trunk big enough
To fit three bodies in
Highway road hog
Highway Robber
Track Name: Shrunken Head Kids
You always go out into the night
When you come home, you come home to a fight
The things that you do make them so confused
The thing that you do makes them so confused

Shrunken Head Kids

We run the night, you better watch the black
Switchblade pulled, baby, into your back
We never go out, we never stay in
We find ourselves attracted to sin
Let’s go
Track Name: Blood In My Eyes
Glass Shattering
Fires burning
Lovers are now dead and suffering
I was born in this hell blazen earth
I am in need of revenge

Blood in my eyes
Blood in my hair
With my mind and with my stare
I will make you all disappear

You wanted control
I wanted it more
You better run for cover
Before it happens
Before I wipe that smile away

They’re all gonna laugh at me