Lust For Sacrilege




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released January 13, 2015


tags: rock dark Phoenix


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CALABRESE Phoenix, Arizona

Steeped in a hard rock swing, brash punk energy, metallic bombast, and a healthy helping of death rock, CALABRESE established a diehard following and garnered immense critical praise outside of the traditional system, emerging as underground luminaries from their native Phoenix, AZ. ... more


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Track Name: The Dark Is Who I Am
Seduced into wrong
And led into fire
No way around

Don’t change a thing
Oh, an innocent girl in a horrible world
Here with me
The killers and the demons and the holy ghost
It’s what I am
With a devil making home in my terrible heart
It’s who I am
Track Name: Down In Misery
Down in flames
But there ain’t sunshine in my life
Caring for you
I’ve never heard of it
Pushed you away
Pushed the whole damn world to the edge
But I don’t care
‘Cause I like this feeling
In me

Down in misery
Down in misery
This is the greatest life
To be hated
Oh, yeah
Yeah, down

This is the end
The hell I’ve put myself in
It’s where I’m free
To live in my own misery
What I know
Is that I hurt alone
Oh, yeah
Down and lonely it feels like home
‘Cause it feels
So Good
Track Name: Teenage Crimewave
Wake up with a stranger
Another taste of murder
Never follow your dreams
Not as clean as she seemed
The art of brutality
Alone in our poverty
Black coffee fuels the strong
Lasting all night long

And you feel the fire touch of blood
In this wild animal type hell
Teenage crimewave now
Mark the sins of all the young
Well the end won’t be enough
Yeah, the end just ain’t enough
For you
For me

In the eye of all the madness
Total street rage in the apocalypse
Maniac loose on the run
I’m a wild man, loaded gun
Just imagine all annihilate
Touch of death in all the alleyways
Never slow down or be scared
Covered mouths suffocate
Track Name: Flesh and Blood
Wild like wolves in rain
You’ll see me eyes burn like a flame
And I love
Your flesh and blood
I will play your game

Well, your love
Is like an animal
You are mine
Until the end of the world
Yeah, your love
Is like an animal
And the world
Is just an animal

Way down below
You know you’re the one to hold
Digging deep
Into the dirt
You make me move, move, move
Rattle and hurt
Track Name: Lust For Sacrilege
She makes the sign of the cross
While she lies in bed
Last temptation of love
A life for sin
Cryin’ to the dark
A lost wicked game
Lust for sacrilege
A lust for hell
Pulls her in the flames

She goes out
Hunts through the night
No one survives
She is the blood spirit of none
Lust on fire
Future loser, future undead
Keeps her alive

Bodies melt away
Bodies burn into ash
Sins of the flesh
A Judas kiss to ruin man
She dreams of holy wars
Of gold coins used for death
Lust for sacrilege
A lust for hell
Track Name: Wanted Man
In the end of life, baby
Well it’s for the ride
This is the face you’ll see
In your bed with bloodshot eyes
Well, I’m a lonely man, yeah
I’m a desert man, yeah
I’m a wanted man, yeah
I’m a wanted man

There is no end to worry
My heart is oh so dirty
Shot a man through his living skull
I wear the bones of animals, yeah
It’s too late to run
And I know we can die on the run

Nobody knows my name
Nobody’s in my league
Painted faces in the night
Burning fires in the trees
A vision quest has led me home
To the sea for burial
The devil opens up like a woman over me
Track Name: Serpentflame
With the snakes and souls
Reptile teeth that bite
Into the swamps we roll
A Cajun devil at night
Down in the bayou, baby
A Louisiana Queen
Recipes of thunder and life
Turning water to wine
As the dead moon rising
She whispers in my ear
Tonight, I belong to you

My heart is stopping on it’s own
My heart is beating for the blood
They call you evil. baby
They call you evil
Flesh and blood
Down in dark New Orleans
Down in your Serpentflame

This is the way I’m feelin’
This is the way I know
Dark in this atmosphere and
Dark in the way I talk
This is the night time coming
This is the damned I know
This is the hold I feel and
Lucifuge in my bones
You will just find out for yourself
I will be all just for you
You will remember me
Track Name: Gimme War
God doesn’t live
In the house of the devil
God don’t forgive
Men like me
A rotten bastard
Feelin’ lean
Feelin’ mean
On the streets
War machine
Gimme knife
Gimme war
Give me blood
Give me more

I’m a time bomb in the streets
War battled
One man war machine

Revenge out of rage
Neon streets
Wet with moonlight
What you thought was a game
Well, it ends all at midnight
My fists are weapons
My fists are clubs
Restoring balance
My fists are done
This is the end
And it’s time to meet the devil
Track Name: New York Ripper
Hiding the devil, yeah
Hiding his teeth
Only all evil for me
My war waits for me, yeah
My war in the heat, yeah
Call me the hunter
Call me the beast
From one life down to the next
From one city block to the rest, yeah

Her dead body broken in the river
No chance to ever revive her
The legend has only begun
New death
New York Ripper
New case
No survivors
No love
No reminders

Below the skin of history
Lies the bloody veins of evil
This is ritual
An ancient oath of old
Coursing with energy
A state of darkness in the twenty-first century
No man can pull himself
From black hole gravity
Track Name: Lords of the Wasteland
Lords of the Wasteland
Desert trash covered in shit
Your number is here, yeah
Your number is up
You’re through

Lords of the Wasteland
Lords of the dunes
Oh, yeah
These hills are watching
These hills have eyes
For you

We are fire
We are evil
We are demon

Our friends are dying to meet you
Track Name: Drift Into Dust
Death is our love
Wicked hearts to be
High in our love
Wild one to me
Oh. don’t you know?
To be free
You run
It’s only love
It’s only love

Nobody knows
Where I lives may go
Take my hand, little girl
It’s all you need
To be free
Funeral pyres light the sky
As we drift into dust
Always meant for this
Into love
Into death

Young is our love
It’s a broken heart to be
One wrong move
You came to me
Oh, if you knew
To be free
You’ll stay
Just try to run
Try to run
From me

They don’t understand you, yeah
And I feel your heartbeat death, yeah
They’re gonna find you in the water, yeah
Well, blood is in the water

Love Drifts Away